Western Mail, 18 February 1915

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JOHN BULL: Compliment you, ma'am, on your new plant! How's it getting on? DAME WALES: Fammous, look you. I do expect it will be a fine, sturdy plant in a few weeks' time; yes, indeet.

This cartoon encapsulates the pride Staniforth felt in the Welsh contribution to the war effort, and specifically to the British army. The award of a guards regiment to Wales was felt to put Wales on an even standing with England, Ireland and Scotland (see ‘An Honour for Wales’, Western Mail, 13 February 1915). Dame Wales is seen here watering the nascent ‘Welsh Guards’ plant with ‘Welsh enthusiasm’, while the benign sun of ‘Welsh Nationalism’ (meaning Welsh patriotic sentiment and national pride rather than any political separatism) rises in the upper left hand corner. The ‘Cardiff Fertiliser’ in the bottom left may be a self-congratulatory reference to the role of the Western Mail itself. Various other Welsh units are represented as plants growing in the border beneath the wall. The Welsh Guards recruited heavily from Glamorgan and Monmouthshire, although significant contingents of men from Gloucestershire, Lancashire and Somerset were also to be found in its ranks.

Events: None assigned

Topics: Recruiting, Welsh Army Corps

Individuals: Dame Wales, John Bull

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