Western Mail, 16 January 1917

The Rock Of Shelter + Zoom In
"One thing that struck him, and struck him more and more each time he attended these conferences and visited the Continent, was the increasing extent to which the Allied peoples were looking to Great Britain. They were trusting to Britain's rugged strength and great resources more and more. She was to them a great tower in the deep. She was becoming more and more the hope of the oppressed and the despair of the oppressor." - The Premier, at the Guildhall.

An allegorical, patriotic cartoon, based on Lloyd George’s assertions in his Guildhall speech of 11 January, showing the other Allies sheltering from the aggressive storm of German aggression and hatred behind Britannia’s determined resolve. ‘These eloquent passages’ (opined the following day’s Times) ‘roused the meeting to a high pitch of enthusiasm’.

Events: None assigned

Topics: Allies

Individuals: Britannia, David Lloyd George

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